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Our History

Founded in 1855.  In pioneer days, church groups met in homes and later in one-room schools.  Revival meetings were held in the Baldwin one-room school on the corner of Gunn and Orion Roads.


Sunday service:

11:00 a.m.

Special Services:

Advent and a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service:
The service begins at 8p.m.....

Do you feel a disconnected from others in your community? Do you feel a sense to belong? Please come and join us! 

Our Congregation

Oakland County, Oakland Township, Goodison, Michigan


​The Christian Year at Paint Creek United Methodist Church: 

We are now in the Season After Pentecost (Ordinary Time). (May 31-2015). The Season after Pentecost, also called Ordinary Time, begins the day after Pentecost and ends on Christ the King Sunday (November 22, 2015). There are 25 Sundays during this “Ordinary Time”. 

Ordinary Time doesn’t need to be “ordinary,” and is not meant to mean that somehow we get a break or that the Pastor shortens his message on Sunday morning. Our church urges us “to emphasize Jesus’ teachings concerning the Kingdom of God” during this time. This time is symbolized by the color green, a period of growth for each of us. (You will see the color “green” on the altar too). 

Paint Creek United Methodist Church is far from being “ordinary”. And, we can’t help but be “Extraordinary” for Christ when we recognize the gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

Whenever and wherever you’re vacationing this summer and you drive around looking for a church in which to worship on Sunday morning, you come upon a familiar sight: A Cross and Flame insignia on a sign post, pointing you to the nearest United Methodist Church. The Cross and Flame is a powerful reminder of who and whose we are as United Methodist’s. 

For those of us who will take time away from the church this summer I offer you this: “Distance never separates hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever we start feeling sad because we miss each other we are reminded how blessed we are to have someone so special to miss.” (Henri J.M. Nouwen.) 

Just remember this: You are not ordinary, you’re extraordinary!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Tom