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Here at Paint Creek United Methodist Church we celebrate our mission and our ministries, our fruits and our gifts.  Finding new ways to show people that Christ's love is something to celebrate, adding people to the kingdom, not subtracting them from the roster, blending and not colliding.  We celebrate the role of the laity at Paint Creek, as they are the hands, voice and heart of Christ.

We are CLAITY, Clergy and Laity, working together as one to go out into the community to be in mission and ministry.  We want to continue to have a strong community outreach.  We want to engage in a variety of community ministries.  Our individual faith in God is live out in the community of the church for the sake of transforming the world.

At Paint Creek United Methodist Church we know that serving God isn't just coming to church on Sundy and that greatest needs are outside our doors.  The needs of our communities determine the mission of our church.  We are a sending community.

We want to be your church and we invite you to come, check us out, meet our congregation and allow us to help you take the next steps toward Christian discipleship.

If you have been away for a while, welcome home, and we ask that your membership, ministry and mission be reenergized and recommitted to Christ at Paint Creek United Methodist Church.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Carolyn

4420 Collins Rd, Rochester, Michigan, 48306

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